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08/22/2007 – CB Capital Partners selected as primary participant in Shibaura Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan) sponsored study

NEWPORT BEACH (August 22, 2007) - CB Capital Partners, Inc., a leading boutique investment banking firm, was selected as the primary subject for an idealized systems design project sponsored by Shibaura Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan), a leading Japanese university. The project involves the creation of a set of learning materials pertaining to how social systems design techniques can be applied to private industry.

The project, funded by a grant from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology and facilitated in the U.S. by Jed C. Jones Consulting (Round Rock, TX), represents an important step in teaching students and members of industry about the value, methods, and applicability of idealized systems design.

Mr. Chris Baclawski, founding partner of CB Capital Partners, Inc., believes in the value of contributing to the knowledge base about social systems design. "I agreed to have my team participate in this project because I am a believer in finding new ways of applying the power of informed theory to practical applications. I am also a big supporter of continuing education as I believe it is the only way forward." Mr. Baclawski also sees potential benefits for his own firm's competitiveness in the marketplace through the application of idealized systems design. "This project is a great way for CB Capital Partners to take time to really step back and examine our current business practices and find ways to improve them. This means delivering better value to our clients and higher levels of internal efficiency."

The idealized systems design materials development project is now under way and will be completed by November, 2007. Once completed, the project results and resulting teaching materials will be available on a special, publicly-accessible Web site in both English and Japanese. A press release containing the Web site URL will be released at that time.

About Shibaura Institute of Technology
Founded in 1927 as a technical college, the Shibaura Institute of Technology promotes collaboration between academia and industry. The institute is currently headed by Leona Ezaki, a winner of the Nobel Prize for physics, and more than a hundred thousand of its graduates are now active in Japanese industry. The institute boasts an impressive integrated education system that spans junior high school, high school, university, and graduate school. In addition to contract and joint research, the institute engages in a wide range of activities such as technology transfers and support for new companies. www.shibaura-it.ac.jp

About Jed C. Jones Consulting
Jed C. Jones Consulting (JCJC) assists small and medium-size businesses improve their bottom lines by providing strategic marketing and information services. The Company's professional services include strategic marketing services, new product launches, brand identification, product offerings, customer identification and corporation positioning. www.jedcjones.com