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CB Capital offers its proprietary global macroeconomic research to clients making capital spending, investment, and wealth management decisions. CB Capital’s global macroeconomic research practice is led by Mr. Henry To, CFA, CAIA, FRM. Mr. To is a leading global macroeconomist and the former managing partner of MarketThoughts LLC, where he ran the firm’s global macroeconomic research practice for over a decade. Mr. To is also an adjunct professor at the University of California at Los Angeles. Mr. To specializes in investment-related research in the areas of global finance, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, specialty retail, and social media, with a geographical focus on the United States and major Asian economies, including China.  Please contact Henry To (henry.to@cbcapital.com) for more details on our research.

Second Half 2015 Global Investment Outlook

Our latest 12-month investment outlook on various asset classes, including U.S. treasuries, Euro Zone sovereign bonds, global equities, global REITs, precious metals, and commodities


June 2015 Outlook on OPEC Meeting

Discusses why the June 5th OPEC meeting will be a non-event, why OPEC will not cut, and why the lifting of Iranian sanctions will compress oil prices


May 2015 Outlook on Stock Prices

Discusses why we are turning bearish on global equities and REITs, due to overvaluations, lack of U.S. earnings growth, and extreme investors’ complacency

Second Half 2015   June 2015   May 2015  

March 2015 Update on Oil Prices

Discusses the current supply / demand dynamics in the U.S. shale and global crude oil market and why oil prices will retest its late January lows

March 2015


2015 Outlook on Gold Prices

Discusses why we have a neutral stance on gold prices over the next 12 months, despite our belief that gold remains a solid long-term hedge against inflation

2015 Outlook

2014 Outlook on Gold Prices

Discusses the current supply/demand dynamics in the gold market and why we believe gold remains a solid long-term hedge against global central banking policies

2014 Outlook

CB Capital tailors its research to suit the topics and trends that are important to our clients with a goal of providing original, timely, and concise investment research and solutions to our clients. It is our belief that the investment environment has transformed dramatically since the beginning of the global financial crisis in late 2007. The global mega bank model that competes on the basis of financial capital is obsolete. Rather, successful investment banks must now adopt a model built on tailored and personalized client relationships, supported by subject matter experts in our clients' areas and industries of focus.

As we embark on our second decade of growth, we also recognize that the global economy has shifted to a multi-polar, multi-dimensional world from one previously dominated by U.S. institutions and investors. Maintaining a global network is now integral to superior client service, especially as the volume of cross-border transactions increase. CB Capital Research differentiates itself through our knowledge and experience in global macroeconomics research, industry analyses, and insights on the investment impact of certain economic themes and public policies.

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