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CB Capital Partners understands the opportunities and challenges facing family-owned companies as they address the operating requirements of their business and the evolving and sometimes divergent interests of their family shareholders. We realize that human dimensions are often paramount in aligning family objectives with those of the business, whether the issue at hand is selecting a successor to manage the family business, or providing liquidity to a family member not directly involved in the business.

We recognize that family businesses have many constituencies. They include family members actively involved in managing the business, family members who rely on their ownership position in the business as a significant source of current income or personal wealth, non-family managers and employees, customers, suppliers and the local community where the business is located. Our goal is to help families achieve unanimity among all of these constituencies as they embark on strategic initiatives to grow, recapitalize or sell their business.

We address a number of critical questions in helping family businesses sort through important strategic and shareholder decisions, including:

  • How much is my business really worth?
  • Is now a good time to be thinking about selling my business?
  • How can I retire with no family member to replace me?

We address these and other important questions facing family businesses with the goal of creating solutions that both capture wealth and preserve it for family members.