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CB Capital Partners' professionals combine their transaction expertise along with our extensive research capabilities, proprietary investor database, and custom, enterprise-wide transaction management system to deliver the greatest value for each client. We implement a customized and comprehensive process intended to generate maximum value for shareholders with minimum distraction for operating managers. Our professionals work closely with clients to first define objectives, and then design and implement a transaction strategy to achieve each goal.

We offer our clients:

  • Expertise in every phase of strategic advisory and corporate finance
  • Extensive transaction experience in all investment banking products
  • Significant financial and operational expertise
  • Significant industry contacts

Exclusive Sell-Side Engagements
Every sale engagement is unique and depends on the specific needs and objectives of the client's shareholders. The manner in which CB Capital Partners conducts a sale process will, by design, vary based on the client's preference with regard to:

  • The number and nature of the parties to initiate discussions
  • The client's time frame and expectations
  • The management and ongoing operations of the business
  • Other strategic considerations and market factors
  • Personal and other unique considerations

While every sale engagement is conducted differently, we recognize that creating value for our clients also requires that we conduct all sale engagements with:

  • The highest level of confidentiality and discretion to best preserve and protect the client's relationship with customers, vendors and employees
  • Extensive industry and buyer research, allowing us to understand the transaction and value proposition from all perspectives
  • Active management from our senior professionals to ensure that the process remains on track, with all involved parties working together towards a successful conclusion
  • Understanding the financial and key valuation considerations at the highest possible level to advise our client and communicate to potential buyers
  • Understanding our client and its future potential and communicating this understanding to the targeted audience to maximize value
  • Minimizing the time requirements of management and potential distractions to the acquirers
  • Creativity and negotiating savvy that allows us to structure a transaction that best meets the client's multiple objectives

Buy-Side Acquisition Advisory
By taking a comprehensive, long-term view of our clients' acquisition initiatives, CB Capital Partners focuses on generating the best return for the long term (which may include not doing a transaction). We believe this sets us apart from other advisors. Our professionals partner with clients to identify relevant acquisition criteria and establish a systematic process to identify, research, and prioritize potential targets to complement their organic growth plans. From initial contact, due diligence and valuation, to negotiation, and deal structuring, CB Capital Partners will be your partner every step of the way.

Corporate Divisional and Subsidiary Divestitures
Given the complexities of corporate divestitures, finding the right buyer is the most challenging and critical aspect of these transactions. In some cases, a strategic buyer is required due to lack of management or shared operating assets that must be retained by the parent. In other cases, a financial buyer is preferred due to management's desire to participate in a transaction and concerns about sharing information with competitors. CB Capital Partners will work with the parent company and operating management to understand these issues and agree on the optimal buyer for each situation. Through our experience in divestitures of subsidiaries, operating divisions, product lines and manufacturing facilities for public and private companies, CB Capital will establish a framework that preserves confidentiality while maximizing value and other transaction attributes that are important to the shareholders of the parent company.

Management and Leveraged Buyouts and Recapitalizations
CB Capital Partners has extensive transaction experience, advising both management teams seeking to acquire an operating entity from its owners, and owners seeking to sell an operation to its managers. In addition to structuring and negotiating transactions that meet the objectives of both managers and owners, CB Capital can assist management teams in securing the appropriate external financing to consummate a transaction. We also provide assistance with structuring ongoing equity positions, key terms of employment contracts, as well as valuation services that provide owners with the assurance that they are receiving a fair and competitive value for their business.